Duncan Hamilton
Born: 1961
Nationality: Irish
Equity: Full
Actor’s Training: ALRA, London (Scholarship)
Education: M.A. Mass Communication, Centre for Mass Communication Research, UK
Height: 187cms (6’2”)
Weight: 80 kilos (12’5 st’)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey-Green
Spotlight: Lead Actors Edition, page 2513 (View Pin 9250-9059-2251)

Selected Theatre

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, (as Basil), France, 2014

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness, (as Michael), Blackwater Projects, Irish National Tour, 2009

A Tribute to Samuel Beckett: “Rough For Theatre One” — Centenary celebrations on the Tessenkai Noh Stage, Tokyo, 2006

Men, One-man show, Dublin Theatre Festival, 1994, Melbourne Comedy Festival 1995, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, 2004-06

Oscar Wilde, One-man show, Tokyo, 2000

Isse Ogata (voice) Lyric Theatre, London; Dublin Theatre Festival, 1995

Peer Gynt, The Gate Theatre, Dublin, 1994

Deathwatch, Jean Genet, New York International Festival of the Arts USA, 1988

Men Inside, London Stage Co., High-security Prison Tour, USA, 1988

Macbeth, London Shakespeare Company, US Tour, 1987

Selected Film /TV

Star Sand, feature film, (as Lt Curtis), Japan, 2016

Nuclear Cattle, Documentary narration on Fukushima, Japan 2016

Skeleton in the Closet, Lafcadio Hearn, NHK/Plug-In USA, 2008

Mitokomon, TV Costume Drama Series, TV Asahi, Japan 2004/5/6

Daniel Monday Live, TV, Host, KBS, Japan, 2003

Manten, TV drama series, NHK Japan, 2003

The Iron Chef, TV series, Fuji TV, Japan, 2001

Helena, feature film, male lead w/Maria de Mederois, Ireland, 1994

Don Quixote, TV Drama CBS Japan, 1989

The Men Inside, Documentary, PBS, New York, 1988

The Hollywood, feature film, Nomura Productions, Japan, 1997

The Gift, short film, male lead, USA, 1996

Entertainment Now, (Presenter) Sky Perfect TV, Japan, 1997-99

Selected Voice-work

BBC, CNN, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, Minolta, Coca-Cola, Bandai, Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, Nintendo, Omron, Nestle, P&G, Sanyo, Roland, RunBird, Daihatsu, The United Nations, Universal Studios, Shimano, The European Commission, The Olympic Games, Technics, Star TV, Victor, Virgin etc.

Radio DJ

@Station, 89.4, Kyoto, 1991 – 2002

Zip FM, Nagoya, 1995-96

FM Cocolo, Osaka 2005-07

J-Wave Tokyo, 2005-07